Man Surprises Wife With Her Own Pregnancy Announcement

As the guardians of three young men, Tim and Rachel Brummel had an intriguing existence.


Tim is as of now a love chief at the Revolution Church and furthermore functions as a real estate professional. In their spare energy, he and Rachel are eager YouTubers, regularly posting nurturing counsel recordings and chronicling the undertakings of their everyday life. A couple of years prior, nonetheless, Tim posted what might before long turn into their most famous video yet.

In the video, Tim says he found his better half was pregnant—despite the fact that he’d had a vasectomy.

“Around a month and a half prior, Rachel acted somewhat pregnant,” he said.

“She was drained a ton, somewhat more eager than typical, even. Felt somewhat queasy.”

“So we kidded about it, yet we realized she was unable to be pregnant.”


Ends up, be that as it may, the joke was on them. Tim before long acknowledged he’d never gotten the outcomes after his five-month test. At the point when he called the specialist’s office, he was met with some striking news:

“It turns out my system wasn’t fruitful, and they neglect to advise me.”

Presently, realizing pregnancy was a particular chance, unbeknownst to Rachel, Tim was resolved to find reality. Thus, he thought of a smart ploy. One evening, Tim crippled the latrine so it wouldn’t flush. The following morning, after his significant other utilized it, he utilized the pee in the bowl to do a pregnancy test.

As he had suspected, Rachel was, undoubtedly, pregnant—yet what made their situation irregular was the way that Dad was the first to know.


To tell his significant other about the pregnancy, Tim arranged a little astonishment.

He set up a bundle of roses on the table. At that point, he made a charming hand crafted card. It read: “On the off chance that you at any point stressed that life would be a drag, set that dread to the side, you are currently a mom of four.” Behind the card, he shrouded the positive pregnancy test.


At the point when Rachel returns home and peruses the card, she is (justifiably) in dismay.

She snickers in stun prior to saying “Shut up!” Then she looks between the test and Tim with wide eyes. From the outset, she assumes the entire thing is a trick.


After Tim clarifies the situation, she’s so passionate, she chuckles and cries.


The remainder of the video follows the couple as they get familiar with the infant’s sex and declare the news to their family.

In February of 2017, The Brummels’ bring forth a fourth child named Merrit. In their video blog video portrayal, Tim said: “We picked this name in light of the fact that the English significance of Merrit is ‘Minimal celebrated one.’ It appeared to be fitting!”

“So cool how this story has been seen by such countless individuals.”

“We realize Merrit is no mishap and God has enormous designs for him!”


Since being transferred on the web, Tim’s pregnancy declaration has been seen more than 10 million times.

At first numerous individuals blamed Rachel for cheating. So many, truth be told, that Tim felt constrained to arrange a DNA test. What’s more, on the off chance that you were pondering, Merrit is, in reality, his child.


As referenced, the Brummels regularly post recordings on YouTube. To stay aware of the family’s experiences, make certain to buy in to their YouTube channel, ‘The Brummel Bunch’.

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