These Fabulous Celebs Over 40 Reveal Their Health & Fitness Secrets

There’s truly no time like the present. Whether you’re trying to find a way to start the year fresh with your New Year’s resolution of getting into better shape or if you’re just looking for a fresh way to keep yourself fit, there are millions of ways to make it happen.

From trying out a new active hobby like surfing or finally signing up for Taryn Toomey’s “The Class” workout to just simply making sure you’re keeping yourself hydrated and drinking enough water throughout the day, your favorite fit & fab celebs over 40 have dished out their fitness and health secrets to help us out!

We all know that Jennifer Lopez has all sorts of inspiring talents. But one of her best attributes is her amazing moves and how she’s always shakin’ what her mama gave her on stage and the dance floor.

While dance is a great work-out in and of itself, that’s not the only way that J. Lo has been staying fit all these years. In fact, J. Lo and her beau Alex Rodriguez are big on the FitPlan app and use it to stay on top of a healthy work-out routine.

Jennifer Lopez

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa is one of the most famous TV personalities out there. What’s her secret to keeping her smile bright and figure tight?

Ripa revealed that her secret is all about focusing on her health and making fitness a priority. Staying active is crucial for each person, and Ripa incorporates all sorts of different exercises from ballet-based bar stretches to using resistance bands.

But her real secret is her Alkaline-based eating habits—meaning eating foods with low acidity levels.

“Whether it’s digestive problems, or heart health, or brain inflammation. Inflammation really affects your body in totality, so I try to maintain a really alkaline diet,” Ripa shared with People.

Kelly Ripa

Heidi Klum

As a stunning supermodel, lovable and endearing TV show host, and successful businesswoman, we have to ask; is there anything that Heidi Klum can’t do?

A wondrous woman like Klum starts the day off strong with a veggie-fruit power smoothie in order to get all of her vitamins and daily nutrients.

She also knows that exercising daily is crucial, but since Klum’s such a busy woman, she doesn’t always have the time for it. This is why the super mom came up with the idea of combining exercising and family together—like going for bike rides together. Talk about smart, sassy, and sweet!

Heidi Klum

Jaime King

Hart of Dixie Lemon Breeland, portrayed by Jaime King, was one of the most gracious, well-dressed, and poised southern belles on the show, and in reality, King is just as fabulous!

She’s all about treating your body like a temple and has gotten back into shape after giving birth to her second child with Ballet Beautiful workouts—which she absolutely loves.

But, more importantly, she changed her mentality on health habits overall. She eats clean and organic but doesn’t prevent herself from the goodies she desires either.

“I don’t believe in the word diet because I think the word dieting comes with judgment …When I hear the word diet, I want to punch the word in the face because it tells people that you can’t have something. You should be able to have things that love and nourish your body,” Jaime King shared with the People.

Jaime King

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross is known for her vivacious roles on TV, but in reality, she’s just as energetic!

She explained that she does two important things to take care of her body, solely on the basis of physically and emotionally feeling good.

For years now, Ross has been keepin’ keen on her Tracy Anderson workout routine—even this past year, when she’s been at home during the quarantine. The second thing she does is “talk nice” to her body. How endearing!

“I kept saying to myself, ‘I’m healthy, I’m strong, I feel good in my body. And I’m 44—this is pretty great,’” Tracy further shared with Health Magazine.

Tracee Ellis Ross

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