People Who Ticked Off The Wrong Person

“Get My Best Angles”

How funny would it be that this wedding guest had actually offended the photographer somehow, leading to this hilariously bad and weird photo where it appears that his head was crammed into a long glass vase? The other guy looks completely normal, making the photo that much more interesting.


It was probably all just an amusing coincidence but it’s a lot funnier to think it was an intentional move by the photographer to embarrass the guest.

Apparently, this amazing display is the result of a school announcing that it was shortening its recess period by 10 minutes a day. In response, the students arranged this elaborate… protest?


The cups, arranged throughout the school hallways, are seriously a work of art. But we’re not sure that the students are making the point that they need more free time very well. Because this must have been really time-consuming to put together.

Don’t Mess With This Sister

Well, this is certainly one of the weirder revenge plans on our list. After all, who does something like cutting the individual bristles off a toothbrush? And how long does that take, anyway? It sounds like a psycho thing to do.


We definitely want to know what the sibling did to deserve this. Maybe he had a hot date in just a few minutes and now wasn’t able to freshen his breath first? Just a random guess.

“No Parking”

When you’re just trying to get your work done so you can go home for the day, unnecessary delays can be pretty infuriating. Especially in cases like this, where someone decided to ignore the ‘no parking’ signs in front of the dumpster area.


Now, these trash collectors had to carry each of the heavy containers a lot further since their truck was blocked. But they got their revenge in the long run! Let’s hope the SUV owner has been lifting weights.

No Soliciting

It’s 7 pm, you just got home from work and are sitting down at the dinner table, only to hear a knock at the door. You open the door and see a couple of individuals trying to sell you a product or service that you have no intention of buying, yet they just won’t leave.

Photo Credit: Imgur

It’s annoying and this sign resonates with us all. Serious question though — what’s the success rate of going door-to-door?

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