Things You Have Been Doing Wrong This Whole Time Just Like The Rest Of Us

Have you ever found yourself muttering, “There’s gotta be a better way to do this?” Then you’re in the right place because we’re going to make your life so much easier by telling you how to fix certain things you’ve been doing wrong every day. We’ve been using these everyday items wrong this entire time, but we’re about that change that now.

No Muss, No Fuss

Believe it or not, but you’ve been using Chinese takeout cartons wrong your entire life. Next time you get takeout, skip breaking out dinnerware and use the cartons as God…well, the manufacturers…intended.

chinese take out plate different

Simply remove the wire handle, unfold the carton, and you’ve got yourself a plate.

Use A Can Opener For Hard-To-Open Packages

That hard clamshell packaging is almost frustrating enough to make not buying something worth it. Almost. Next time, skip almost cutting yourself with scissors or scratching up your fingers and use a can opener to open the package.

Yes, a can opener — it works like a charm. You can thank us later.

Your Ice Cream Will Always Be Scoopable

Ice cream is amazing, but it can be a pain to scoop out because of how hard it gets in the freezer. Save yourself some frustration and enjoy a cone sooner by putting the carton in a gallon bag.


The ice cream will be softer and easier to scoop out this way.

You’re Juicebox Has Handles

Every little kid will lift up the triangle tabs on the side of their juicebox just for fun, but as an adult you should now know there is a good reason behind it. The tabs on the side can double as a handle for the drink!

handles on juicebox

That means no more juice accidentally and abruptly squirting out of the straw. Less mess is always a good thing.

So That’s What That Hook Is For

That little hook near the food tray on your flight actually serves a purpose. Instead of stuffing your coat or sweater in the overhead bin (and picking it up off the floor when it falls out), hang it up there instead.


This little hack will come in handy one day, so it’s a good thing you know it now.

Starbucks Lids Are The Perfect Coaster

You know all those hot days when you’re sitting on a patio with the sun hitting your shoulders? You’re just trying to enjoy your cold Starbucks drink to beat the heat but those little drips of condensation are running down the sides of the cups and creating a huge puddle of water.

starbucks lid hack

Luckily, Starbucks has a secret hack where their lids turn perfectly into coasters! Try it out next time.

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