Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions Don’t Get Any More Embarrassing Than This

The wardrobe malfunction. It seems like such a normal occurrence in modern pop culture it’s hard to remember a time when it didn’t exist—and yet, prior to Janet Jackson’s 2004 Super Bowl performance alongside Justin Timberlake, the phrase didn’t even exist. Let’s look at some of the most memorable…

Chrissy Teigen, model, mom, and cookbook author, had this embarrassing red carpet wardrobe malfunction. John Legend’s gorgeous wife seemed unaffected by the flashing of her underwear. She probably laughed it off, like when she laughed off getting blocked on Twitter by President Trump. Click “next” to see more celeb sartorial slip ups.

Actress and model Cara Delevingne flashed her bum and her thong during a red carpet event. What is it with celebs and red carpet wardrobe malfunctions?! We wonder if Queen Delevingne had harsh words for her courtiers about this incident. Don’t celebrities have people who will literally cover their butts for them?

Snookie has also publicly shown her butt. This pic was taken during Snookie’s Jersey Shore days. Much like that show, Snookie’s wardrobe malfunction shows us so much stuff that we really don’t want to see. Click “next” to read about more celebrity clothing dysfunction.

Nicky Hilton also showed her rear in public. This dress is not flattering on Nicky’s thin frame. Nicky, you are a hotel heiress! You can afford to buy a dress that fits you properly. Or at least one that is more flattering to your butt’s natural shape.

Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl XXXVIII nip slip is was the wardrobe malfunction heard (and seen) ‘round the world. This incident gave us the term “wardrobe malfunction.” How did we discuss celebrity clothing fails before we had the proper vocabulary? It was a dark time.

Janet Jackson’s nip slip was probably unintentional. However, it looks like Madonna flashed her rear on purpose at an event. Our Lady of Controversy seems to understand the public relations value of a well timed wardrobe malfunction. Madonna built a career not only on her musical talent, but also with her skill at getting–and keeping!–attention.

No chat about celebrity butts is complete without a mention of Kim Kardashian. We must, by law, include Kanye’s wife in any list that discusses derrieres. Kim’s bum might be infamous, but this dress is terrible. Did she not know that the fabric was sheer and that we could see everything?

Kim Kardashian’s little half-sis, Kylie Jenner, also had a public incident with sheer clothing. The attempted makeup mogul and on again, off again girlfriend of middling rapper Tyga appeared in an outfit that showed off her bra. While this might have been an intentional clothing choice, it is still not cute.

Amber Rose, ex-girlfriend of Kylie’s sometimes-boyfriend Tyga and mother of one of Kylie’s nieces (geez, the Kardashian-Jenner family is very complicated), also had a red carpet wardrobe malfunction. Amber Rose’s clothing fail is of the Classic Hollywood variety. Amber Rose channels Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch as her dress flies up.

British actress, model, and TV presenter Kelly Brook also had a flying dress incident on the red carpet. While at an event, Kelly Brook’s gorgeous purple velvet dress decided to stop working properly. The British beauty laughed it off as her panties were flashed to the crowd.

Fellow famous Brit Victoria Beckham also had a crotch related public fail. Posh Spice was photographed with what appears to be a wet crotch while walking with her professional soccer player (and ridiculously handsome) husband. We are going to just assume that she spilled some wine on her lap during dinner…

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