35+ Parents Who Take Parenting Hacks To A New Level

There is this invisible competition between parents and kids to see who’s smarter than who. Sometimes, kids win. But, most of the time, parents end up as victors and through their ingenious ways, they can make kids follow them!

Here are some of the moments where parents absolutely won the clash and the creative ways they used to outsmart their children!

This Mom promised her son she won’t be watching his first golf match. But, hey, what Mom will miss this opportunity right? That includes this Mom.

Dads not too keen in getting another dish just to cook the eggs. Apart from lesser plates to wash, eggs cooked on the waffle iron definitely look fabulous!

Kids will never touch the dishwasher! This Mom took advantage of that and hid her stash inside it. Way to go, Mom!

It’s never safe to have a barbecue with little kid around. This Dad made it as safe as possible and used the play pen as a barrier. Now, the kid can go around the house without anyone to stop him, but at least he can’t burn himself by going near the grill!

Moms have each other’s backs. This is one great example of that and the way they think alike is simply amazing!

Re-purposing things around the house is a good thing. While there may be lots of re-puspoed things that doesn’t shock us, there are some that certainly leave us dumbfounded, just like how this Dad thought of re-using his wine bottle as a hand soap dispenser! Wow.

One Dad thought of a way to keep the milk warm as he drives home with the family. This is his method and we’re not sure if it’s something we’ll recommend to anyone.

Do you want to eat chips so badly but your kids are not yet asleep? Try this doing this trick from one genius mom and for sure, your children will not catch you as you munch while they are around.

Who said Dads can’t hold their own when they are alone with the kids? This Dad definitely knows what to do and his little one can’t go anywhere and do anything without him knowing.

Moms can be very sneaky when they are annoyed. This Mommy’s kid has a very noisy toy truck and she got fed up with the sound that she decided to get the batteries and hide them!

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