25 Bedroom Hacks To Help You Sleep Better

Almost 70% of Americans have trouble sleeping at least once a week. That’s quite a large percentage. When we don’t sleep well, it affects our physical and cognitive abilities. Not to mention, our health. Here are a few ways you can try to get more sleep.

1. Place The Alarm Clock Far Away


If you put your alarm clock right by you, you’ll reach over and hit the snooze button, which will mess with your schedule. Since most people have their phone as their alarm, putting it on the other side of the bed, or even room, is great. That way, you’re also not tempted to pick your phone up.

2. Read A Book That You Don’t Like


Reading a book that you like may do the trick, but what better time to read one that you’re interested in but can never pick up? Classics work great because they are wonderful but hard to get through. Try this and your body will be begging for a break before you finish the first chapter.

3. Wash Your Bedding


You may not notice it, but when your bedding gets worn in and absorbs body oils, you won’t sleep as good. Why do you think hotel beds are so inviting? Because the bedding is always freshly washed. Wash your bedding once a week and see if you notice a difference.

4. Find A White Noise App


Do you remember the original white noise? The TV with no signal turned on low. These days, they not only have white noise machines but white noise apps too. Find one that suits you and turn it on low before you lay down in bed.

5. Turn The Air Down


Studies show that the perfect sleeping temperature is sixty to sixty-seven degrees. Most people keep their room in the seventies when they sleep, just by habit. Turn it down to the sixties and cuddle up for best results.

6. Use Two Blankets


Not for yourself! If you’re sleeping in the same bed as someone else, make sure you each have your own blanket. Cuddling can come at other times, but when it’s time to sleep, having your own blanket can prevent the sleepy middle of the night fights.

7. Say “No” To Screens


Set yourself a time before bed where you don’t watch TV, look at your phone, or get on the computer. Even fifteen minutes will do you some good, but longer is even better. The blue lights from your screen will keep you up longer if you don’t.

8. Keep A Schedule


There’s a reason moms have specific naptimes and bedtimes for their babies. Keeping a schedule trains your body to go to sleep at a certain time. Find a time that works for you and try to go to bed at that time every night. You have an alarm in the morning, so why not have one that reminds you to go to bed?

9. Buy A Weighted Sheet


A weighted sheet or blanket can do wonders for your sleep. There is a reason they are so popular. You’ll feel like a baby being comforted by his mommy. This works even better for people with anxiety and is often recommended to treat it at night.

10. Make Bedtime Baths A Thing


Baths are meant for bedtime. You can relax, warm up in the winter, and even smell good. If you can get someone to give you a back massage to go along with it, then it’s even better. And if you don’t have a bathtub, don’t worry, a shower works well too.

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