15 Signs He Loves You More Than You Think He Does!

So you have a crush on someone and you feel like this guy likes you but you’re still unsure?

Most of us girls have at one point or the other wondered if our man really loves us. They just don’t show it! Kind of makes you wonder if their emotions for you are less intense than yours for them, or if they’re really into you? Or maybe they’re just wired that way? Maybe they really do suck at displaying their emotions? Hmm…

Well, luckily for you, you don’t have to spend even a second pondering on those questions anymore! You see, men may not say it out in words, but their actions speak way louder. And if you pay attention to them, you can know for sure that your man loves you more than you think! Here are 15 Signs He Loves You More Than You Think He Does:

1-He makes you laugh:

A good way to your girl’s heart is through laughter if he can make you smile laugh and be happy at the same time you know he’s trying to charm you through his humor a lot of people like to be happy and be laughing it lightens up the mood and makes it person more attractive if he is constantly bringing you laughter into your life you know he’s trying the very best to woo you.

2- Watch his body language:

This is one of those things that would betray him even if he likes you but can’t come out and confess it his body language will reveal how he feels about you deep down inside if you suspect that a guy likes you then pay attention to his body when he is with you, body language has been proven scientifically to communicate attraction pay attention to how his body is positioned, does he lean in towards you when he talks? are his feet pointing towards you? does he near you? these are all positive signs that he is interested in you!

3- He introduces you to his friends:

If he didn’t like you he wouldn’t invite you to places or hang out with his friends but if he does he has a huge crush on you and want to see if you get along with them the reason for doing this is so you guys can both create memorable experiences together and if you both are into parties you know for sure he’ll ask you to come along on the next one.

4- Watch his friends closely:

Some guys could spend a lot of time talking about girls and therefore you can be sure that if he likes you his friends might know whenever you are close to him and his friends pay attention to what his friends are doing they may excuse themselves just to give you some alone time or just start making seto jokes and make fun of him, watch of his friends smile when you approach the group or if they start teasing him afterwards if they do then it’s a good indicator that he likes you.

5- He makes eye contact:

This is another telltale sign that he likes you, if a man likes you, he will maintain and lock eye contact with you when you are talking his eyebrows may be lifted and his eyes will be dilated! here’s something interesting if you catch him staring on your mouth he may be romantically into you or you just have something in your teeth so pay attention to his eyes and see if they are on you or always wandering around.

6-He has endless questions for you:

If a guy has questions after questions then that’s a strong indicator that he likes you he wants to know everything about you from how you were as a kid to what kind of weird talents you have one major giveaway question he can ask is do you have a boyfriend if he is not interested in you he will definitely not care and won’t ask that question in addition he wants to keep the conversation going with you because he doesn’t want to lose you at the same time if he finds out that you have similar interests as him he will dive deeper into it and share some of his experiences with you as well.

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