75 hilariously funny inappropriate kids drawings

Kids’ drawings are usually pretty cute. Their little minds are just starting to understand the world and their hands — well, their hands aren’t really all that developed yet. All this is to say that sometimes, their drawings are just plain bad.

And that’s okay. Even if the drawings are bad, there’s no doubt their parents will love them regardless. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right? And there’s nothing that counts more than the thoughts of your little boy or girl.

Of course, kids are also completely innocent. They don’t know a lot about the world yet, and what they do know is pretty sweet, clean, and safe. But what that means is that sometimes, they draw some really messed-up stuff.

Often, they’re trying to capture a situation they witnessed but don’t quite understand yet. Sometimes, they’re showing that they understand just a little bit more than most kids their age. And of course, there are occasions when they’re just drawing things that inadvertently look like genitalia.

There’s no doubt that every single one of these drawings deserves to be cherished. And years later their parents can pull them out and laugh all over again! Only next time, the kids will actually understand the joke.

This embarrassed mom had to explain to the teacher that her daughter’s photo was not her dancing around a pole, but rather selling the last snow shovel at Home Depot during a bad winter storm. I don’t think the little girl will ever live that down!

Most of us don’t really understand why the Kardashians are famous, but depicting them being smashed by the Incredible Hulk — well, that’s a little dark, especially for a child. The kid threw a couple of zingers in there about their looks and love lives, too.

I don’t think there’s a worse way to misspell Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase “I come in peace.” This kid found the very worst one, and yes, we’re all uncomfortable.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of wine, but when your kid draws a picture of it for school showing you having some, it’s a little awkward. It kind of implies that’s the main facet of your personality.

Yes, everybody does it, but do we really have to include it in family portraits? Apparently, for this child, gassiness is an important part of her mother’s life.

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