30 Transformations Of People Who Have Mastered Makeup

Some people have a natural knack for makeup. For others, it’s a long learning experience that takes years to perfect. But either way, there’s no denying that in the right hands, a makeover can completely change someone’s appearance. Sometimes, it’s almost unbelievable how much a face can change.

And it doesn’t have to be crazy winged eyeliner and deep red lips, either. Some people can completely mix up their look with some foundation, contouring, and a few touches of an eyebrow pencil. Looking at them, there’s no doubt that makeup is an art form.

Some celebrities have shaped their entire look on dramatic makeup effects. In fact, the average person might not even recognize them with their natural face! There’s a huge number of things that makeup can accomplish — in the right hands, of course.

In the 21st century, that’s where the internet comes in. Reddit sub-threads are now a great place for people to get makeup advice, even from professional artists. They can find those familiar with coloring and know about all kinds of different products. Essentially, it’s now possible for almost anyone to become a makeup expert.

Take a look at these 30 people who shared their before and after photos on Reddit.

This girl did an amazing job using natural makeup to intensify her features. It looks like she added a little foundation to even her skin tone, a barely-there lip, and focused most of her attention on creating eyes that pop. The result is that she still looks like herself!

Can you say “eyebrow game on point?” She did a lot of subtle work, like applying foundation to lessen the redness of her skin, but her most noticeable transformation is her brows. She filled them in and shaped them beautifully. She’s also added a matte lip and shading around her eyes.

With naturally intense features, she already had so much to work with! But she took it up a step by creating even more intensity to her eyes with a stand-out electric blue shade. The color combines beautifully with her natural skin tone and eye color.

A subtle makeup job combined with one big focal point can go a long way. This girl decided to keep the majority of her makeup simple but do a dramatic winged eye with a neutral lip. It’s a look that can be dressed up or down.

She has such lovely, luminous eyes and naturally long eyelashes that she didn’t need to do much to change her appearance. However, she filled in her brows a bit, added some color and intensity to her eyes, and set it all off with a neutral lip gloss.

The colors she chose are absolutely perfect for her natural shading. With a warm, slightly glossy lip and a dramatic winged eye, she sets the look off with pink eyeshadow that shows off the warm tones in her skin.

This mom agreed to let her child make her over, and the finished look is absolutely gorgeous! They’ve played on her natural coloring by adding dark eyes and a bright red lip that pops. She looks absolutely, drop-dead beautiful.
She has some seriously good makeup skills! The work here is subtle, but there’s actually a lot going on. She’s evened her skin tone, filled in her eyebrows, and played with different shades of pink on her eyes, cheeks, and lips. “Spring Flush” is the perfect name for this look.
She favored a more dramatic look before Reddit came to her aid, helping her tone it down a little. Now, she has a lovely everyday look that’s attractive without being overly intense. Whatever the look is – she’s showing off some amazing makeup skills!
This subtle look is a testament to how small things can make a big difference. She filled in and shaped her brows, touched up her eyes, and added a lovely neutral lipstick. The result highlights her natural features, just slightly exaggerated.

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