55 photos of customers being outrageously awful

Bad Customers

It is a relief if you are working and did not encounter any difficult people. However, cases with customer service jobs are dealing with many customers daily and they interact with them face-to-face.

Unfortunately, some people do not even care and just treat the person badly.

Observe these 55 captured images of customers that were shared publicly with their nasty behavior.

You know how when you wander the store and say to yourself, “I don’t need this carton of eggs”? So you go and toss them in the freezer? Yeah, no.But this customer decided to toss their unwanted, once-frozen bag of chicken in the bread aisle where it dripped onto all of the items below it.

Toss everything out!

Too many people prepping to be the next great artist. Or just the next selfish, inconsiderate jerk. You decide.
Wow. They really took “I’m just gonna leave this here,” to a new low.
This is quite literally one of the cruelest gestures I have ever seen. My non-contoured skin feels judged.

Yeah, so uh I’m just gonna make up this one-star review story and hope nobody notices…


This guy is pretty insanely upset with Apple products. I mean they already break themselves but I guess he felt that he had to lend them a hand.

This act of complete self-entitlement is baffling. After his coffee was made incorrectly, he poured it out onto the counter and register, kicked the wall, screaming at the cashier, and then knocked over the register and gift cards onto the floor.He may be small but his childish attitude is of epic proportions.

Some people just ruin the fun for everyone.
I mean… could you not toss out some of the cigarettes? I can hear the whole, “it’s their job” line right now. Just be considerate.

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