70+ honest postpartum pics celebrating moms’ body transformations

Pregnancy might be one of the greatest proofs that miracles do exist. A mother’s capacity to nurture an entirely new life within them stands as a testament to their strength, tenacity, beauty, and grace. And as their bodies change to accommodate this new being, people often overlook the real journey that these amazing mothers had to go through just to fulfill the promise of life.

The Instagram account @takebackpostpartum celebrates these different journeys of motherhood through the beauty of their post-partum bodies and their incredible stories of love and resilience.

Post-partum depression and anxiety are very real things. They can be extremely detrimental to a woman’s mental and physical health. Trying your best to be compassionate to yourself is powerful. We’re only human.

This woman has the incredible feat of raising triplets! Imagine tripling the amount of work! Well, she’s figured out how to make going to the grocery store easier by simply wearing the babies on her chest.

Having a new baby isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. It’s really hard work. And not to mention – your body just doesn’t bounce back to the pre-pregnancy body – and that’s okay! You just created a human!

If you saw this photo without any context, you might have a judgment about this new mom. After giving birth, she lost a dramatic amount of weight. Turns out, it’s a thyroid issue that can be a common issue – if you experience these symptoms, see a doctor.

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