10 People with unusual and extra Parts on body

Thank to God if you are normal, the people who have extra part on their body have face more problem than normal people. Nowadays everybody wants to look fit, perfect and attraction they join to gym for physical fitness and also go salons to looks beautiful and younger. But some people on this Earth have extra or unusual parts on their body, they have to remain same whatever they are, so they may have be skin problems, graying hair, scar ,extra part, wrinkles etc. they may get more attract or attention of other people wherever that people go or whether they like or not, some of them who are financial strong may get surgeries.

1, Yin Xin

This from China, this case is also look like Deepak Kumar, but this girl has growth of unborn baby in her back of the body.  This was seen that she has a small arm growing on her back from the birth of this girl. But after sometimes when she is growing young the shape these shown like small baby with finger which was noticed easily. At the age of 11 now he back fully covered up with the undeveloped baby on her back, but luckily her parent saves her life by operation and the unborn baby on his bac was successfully removed.

2, Deepak Kumar

Indian boy 7 years old boy was born with a parasitic twin conjoined to his chest, giving him extra limbs on chest like normal people but one head. The boy when show on media, the world knows from octopus’ boy. Life with extra limbs on chest difficult. Many children bully him. Hindu pilgrims come to his house in Bihar to worship Deepak as an incarnation of the Vishnu god, because of he has extra limbs. Fortunately, in 2010 a charitable hospital at Bangalore to perform a surgery on him worth $78,000 that also funded. This operation would give Deepak Kumar Paswaan the opportunity to live a life without extra part from his chest like other boys of his age.  (source; foxnews)

3, Kang Kang

This Baby from china you may have heard about his double faced and this is not only a saying this is true. This boy from his birth the was sitting one the top on anther looked like as double faced or mask face. This is also rare case of extra part in body which visible very easily from looking

4, Didier Montalvo

Some People have skin moles on the body but skin moles are very strange on this boy, the mole that grow on the back of Didier Montalvo was so big and cover his all back that this mole looked like a turtle shell. This boy born in 2006 in Sri Lanka. The people of his city who live near neglect his family and not meet to them, just thinking about this boy family may be cursed by the evil’s spirits. Finally, any how this boy was taken to UK where he is operated free. After this he could now also live happy life like other children.

5, Hazel Jones

This woman has disclosed her secret of two vaginas in British morning show with rare medical condition, this is from her birth that she have two uterus and vaginas. Her parent’s and Dr. did notice this at the birth time. Now she is 27 and she said she had face very difficult during period, she said because of two vaginas her period were very worse with tow wombs. Doctor says to her if she had any problems or any experience any condition of menstrual cramps so goes to check up, they may help and care of her to see.

6, Bethany Jordan

The condition of this 6-year girl is such very critical its hard to believe that Ivemark Syndrome may have bizarre physical condition not to think that this is true. Bethany Jordan from Stourbridge, England, she has suffered from her birth her internal organs are not in the correct place, her belly not developed at the right side she had misaligned liver, and her heart was also at the back side it could be seen while heart beating on her back.

7, Myrtle Corbin

In the year of 1888 a baby girls was from his birth very are condition dipygus, type of deformity, due to this she had two extra pelvises and four legs, appeared side by and have extra pairs of small legs, Myrtle could easily walk by the outer legs, but the inner legs are useless to her but she can control the inner legs. Myrtle have a son and four daughters, she died in 1928.

8, Brigham Nordstrom

If you have 3 party part of which you should have 2 then that can feel you feel uncomfortable to you. If you have 4 then it is very unusual, but if you have 5 and that are too kidneys. Brigham Nordstrom, a man from New Zealand lawyer, in the age 28 is not feeling well so he went to hospital for checkup of kidneys pain Dr found that man has 5 kidneys. Still not any person found that any person can have five kidneys.

9, Hong Hong

A boy who’s named is Hong Hong born in Hunan province from China in year 2016. You will be surprised that he has 15 fingers and 16 toes. This condition is inherited only one in every 1000 babies that may affected with this and this baby is also diagnosed with polydactylies. This baby mother I also affected with polydactylies condition but she has with only 1 extra finger in hands 1 extra toe in feet. so, they started to raised fund funds of 30,000$ so this baby may be able to operate for a surgery.

10,Dan Aziere

This boy from Danbury, Connecticut, has a strange condition which is known as hereditary exostoses. This condition was caused to him grow with 92 bones aside as we know normal human body has 206 bones. This person has extra bones in body after 42 operation extra bones removed from his body some of his surgery is very big like tv remote control. 5o extra bones has been removed from his body chest, legs, fingers, shoulder, arms, hips and shoulder. The medical procedures that he experienced had a lot of results like in his adolescent years he experienced extreme numbness in one leg. He passed his condition to his kids also however they don’t have any huge issues with it.

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