13+ People Who Are Taking Things Too Far

Say what you will about life in early 2020, but it can’t be said that we don’t live in interesting times.

This is my way of telling you that we’re going to be talking about some people who’ve maybe overthought this whole coronavirus thing.

1. Foolproof.

Reddit | Iron_Bawls

Have you ever noticed that the more you’re told not to touch your face, the more insatiable your desire to touch your face becomes? This guy has it figured out.

2. Public service.

Reddit | MrCommentyCommenter

Some kindly person has put this bottle on a post for the greater good. I think it’s more likely to be stolen for resale on the black market than actually used, though.

3. It isn’t all coronavirus memes.

Reddit | Mr_Summerbird

It’s just mostly coronavirus memes!

In this case, some guy has decided to turn his humble turtles into murder turtles. If he knew his lore, he’d know that this is not how you make a Ninja Turtle.

4. Ace up his sleeve.

Reddit | unrelenting1

The thing is, if coronavirus continues to spread, it’s increasingly likely that the cop will have coronavirus as well. I don’t think this is getting anyone out of a speeding ticket.

. What gives?

Reddit | wer190

This person cut down their tree. According to their original post, they had to cut down said tree. Judging from this scene, I think that tree’s resident disagrees.

6. Making money.

Reddit | immiethefish

This is like having a license to print money. Sure, these are nasty, scratchy paper towels, but at this rate, the world will quickly be out of legitimate toilet paper.

7. Does this bring in tourists?

Reddit | Listening

Some towns are saddled with unfortunate names. Neither of these places has a terrible name, but I don’t know why they’d double down on their fundamental boringness by teaming up.

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