Man Looks Up And Sees A Dog Falling From A 9th-Story Balcony


Man Looks Up And Sees A Dog Falling From A 9th-Story Balcony

Just like when you’re preparing to bring a baby back to your home for the first ever time, adopting a puppy takes a lot of preparation. You have to make sure that your home has been well and truly puppy-proofed, or the consequences couldn’t bear thinking about!

It might take time and a little bit of money to make sure that your house or apartment is safe to live in – but the arrival of your little bundle of joy is more than worth it!

cause chaos and destruction. And while this may sound stressful, you somehow end up loving them more because of it.

And it’s not just your house that needs to be puppy-proofed. It’s also important that you set up secure fences or gates to keep your little one safe.

Puppies don’t tend to have any sense of danger, so for those first few weeks, you must be watching them like a hawk. Climbing to dangerous heights or chewing something that they shouldn’t are just two of the things that could happen in a regular household!

As one dog owner was about to find out, you really must give your little pup adequate supervision.

Mel, the Shih Tzu, was playing in her apartment in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil one day.

The apartment was nicely secure, bar one thing: the balcony. Mel was so tiny that she could easily fit through the gaps in the railings. It was essential that the door to the balcony remained shut at all times. Except one day, it wasn’t.

The tiny dog was having fun climbing on the balcony ledge when she realized that she was stuck.

Mel had managed to squeeze through the railings and began to panic. She couldn’t see how she could fit back through the slats, and she was soon barking loudly in fear.

Joao Augusto, who was walking underneath the balcony, stopped to search where the noise was coming from.

Looking up, Joao saw Mel sitting on the ledge. She was a staggering 9 stories off the ground, so was just a little speck to him. Instantly, his heart sank. He watched as the dog became more and more distressed, and began to brace himself. He knew what was coming.

Story heights vary, but the average is around 14 feet high. This means that Mel was stuck on a ledge 126 feet up.

If Mel fell, there was no way she would survive.


As Joao predicted, Mel eventually fell from the balcony. The Good Samaritan knew that he only had seconds to react, so, like a football player receiving a colossal punt, he managed to position himself right under where he thought the dog was going to land.

The distance that the dog was falling from was so high, that it took a few seconds before she reached his arms.


Joao remained calm as he watched Mel hurtle towards him. Then he reached out his arms, and Mel fell straight into his arms. She was safe, alive, and well.


Someone sign this man for a football team!


Despite seeming to be initially stunned, Mel soon recovers from her ordeal. She looks into the eyes of her rescuer, before scampering away, leaving him to recover by himself.

Is that all the thanks that he’s going to get? It appears so!

Check out the heroic video below!

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