73 makeup fails that range from tragic to terrifying

Makeup is great! It allows people to customize their very own faces, experiment, and have fun with their look! Within makeup, however, there are several established principles. Sometimes, it can be all too easy to go overboard or get it just a little off. Or…a lot off.

Here are 73 people who might need a little help with their makeup application skills. What do you think, are these gals ready for Hall of Fame, or Halloween?

She has a nice face. Why did she need to turn herself into something from under the pyramids?
They say wedding glam. We say the bride of Frankenstein.
Those lashes are giving us nightmares. Are they going to come alive?
She went to a makeup artist to get that perfect look. She now has a perfect look for a scary clown movie.
The eye makeup is unique. The lips, on the other hand, look the exact shade and texture of deli meat. They’re hard to move past.
You know your contour is a little too red when people start asking if you have a sunburn or worse. What was she thinking?
We can all use a little shine. However, when it reaches an android level, you’ve gone too far.
She tried a Disney villain look. It came out like a villainous clown. At least she knows it was a mistake. We worry more for the ones who don’t realize it.
It’s no easy job to make the dead look alive. However, the same makeup on the living can go a little haywire.

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