75 Women postpartum show an honest look at their bodies and lives after giving birth

Pregnancy is an incredible thing. Growing an entirely new life inside your body is one of the magical things that a living thing can experience. It’s what keeps our species going, and it continues the miracle of life. Of course, pregnancy takes a toll on the human body. Bodies need to stretch, change, and evolve in order to make room for a new, tiny human!The Instagram account @takebackpostpartum invites women to share the beauty of their post-partum bodies – and they are all incredible.

These 75 women share photos of their post-partum bodies and it shows the incredible beauty of the human body.

These photos show a side of post-pregnancy that many people don’t ever talk about. We’re proud of you, moms. You’re amazing!


If you’re a new parent, chances are, there are going to be some tears. Post-partum depression is a very real condition that many women feel after giving birth. You can feel the emotion pouring from this woman in the photo.

This woman has the incredible feat of raising triplets! Imagine tripling the amount of work! Well, she’s figured out how to make going to the grocery store easier by simply wearing the babies on her chest.

If you saw this photo without any context, you might have a judgment about this new mom. After giving birth, she lost a dramatic amount of weight. Turns out, it’s a thyroid issue that can be common issue – if you experience these symptoms, see a doctor.

This woman was left with scars and stretch marks after she gave birth. Instead of being ashamed of them, she decided to celebrate them. She turned them into gorgeous works of art with beautiful tattoo work.

The emotional toll of being a new parent can be absolutely exhausting. This photo is both heartbreaking and incredibly moving. Feeling this way is very normal and you’re not alone.

Having a new baby isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. It’s really hard work. And not to mention – your body just doesn’t bounce back to the pre-pregnancy body – and that’s okay! You just created a human!

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