Gymnast ‘Falls’ To Mat During Routine. Her Next Move Has Entire Crowd Screaming

Gymnast ‘Falls’ To Mat During Routine. Her Next Move Has Entire Crowd Screaming

The absolute control, power, and prowess exhibited by collegiate gymnasts are mindboggling. Their bodies bend and move in unimaginable ways.

Women’s collegiate gymnastics has four events: vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise. During the vault event, gymnasts power down the runway and execute something like a double handspring and push off the springboard for momentum. When airborne, the gymnast performs a tuck, pike, or similar move and sticks the landing.


The uneven bars bring out amazing moves from gymnasts. There’s the flight element from the high bar to the low bar and back, along with a flight element on the same bar. There are different grips, a close bar circle element, and a non-flight turn on the bar, such as turning handstands. Gymnasts must nail the dismount, too.

Balance beam routines require an immense amount of – you guessed it – balance. The routines are incredible and the leaps turn and move incorporated into the balance beam routine blow you away.


The floor exercise incorporates dynamic personal character and flawless dance moves with gymnastics tricks. The trickier the routine, the greater the chances of a high score.

The UCLA gymnastics team regularly cranks out high energy, high scoring maneuvers, and routines. Just this gymnastics season, 21-year-old Gracie Kramer’s floor routine stunned an auditorium full of fans.

A commentator described Gracie’s routine as “dark” and “foreboding,” but as soon as the music changes, she flashes her megawatt smile and cranks out a jaw-dropping routine.


She starts out crawling on the floor, then executes some powerful moves. With a big breath, she goes thundering across the floor and nails her handspring with a twist. At one point she hits the floor after hitting the air with a high front split.

Gracie kicks, spins, twists, grins, and leaps through the air. You can see the audience beaming behind her as they are enchanted by her performance, unable to take their eyes off of her.


As soon as she hits the final pose, Gracie stands up with a huge smile plastered across her face. She and her teammates embrace, jumping up and down with joy over how fantastic she did.

Her teammates had already huddled around her, congratulating her for her exceptional floor routine when everyone realizes what she had just done. Even the student section began chanting her name.

For the first time ever in her collegiate career, Gracie scored a perfect 10!

“It really just felt like a normal routine and it was just like the icing on the cake. I feel like I’ve done 10 on routines before and whether or not the judge thought so, I knew in my heart that it was. So, I’ve felt that feeling before but it was just like almost 10 times more just because everyone else felt it and it was just a really cool accomplishment for me.”


Gracie’s teammate Kyla Ross managed to attain a perfect 10 at USCL’s opening home meet for the 2020 season. It was UCLA’s first perfect 10 of the season and Kyla’s first time nailing a 10 on bars at a home meet. She received the most 10s in the 2019 NCAA season.

Watch Gracie’s flawless and powerful routine in the video below. It’s exceptional!

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