50 crappy DIY projects people should have never shared with their friends online

DIY projects are great. They help us to upcycle trash and save us money. But not all DIY projects are great.

Some end up being a total disaster. Some end up being totally useless. Some are just confusing.

Still, sometimes people become blind to their creations and don’t realize how truly hideous they are. And then they put these crappy projects on social media. We’ve dug up the crappiest we could find.

Here are 50 crappy projects that left us seriously confused:

So, this definitely looks crappy. But it’s actually genius. If you’re a barefoot rider, you know.
Before there was Roomba, there was a brush with a battery on it. Probably not but this here is a pretty crappy invention. That brush ain’t cleaning jack!
This is a literal “crappy” project. Get it? Anyway, I still kind of want this ridiculous creation. It’s as hilarious as Typhoid Furby’s comment. Angry butts are definitely the scariest butts.

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