63 embarrassing clothing disasters that weren’t noticed until it was too late


While not all of us are into fashion trends, we are at least doing our best to look great and presentable. This is why we should be more careful about choosing our clothes and make sure everything is fine before we go out or purchase something to wear.

However, some people are really unlucky to find out a bit too late how much of a fail their clothes are. No wonder strangers are giving them weird looks! We have listed these 63 clothing disasters that you should always watch out for.

Read on and prepare to laugh out loud!


And now everyone on the Internet is smiling, too! What a great way to get everyone in a happy mood.@snZ001:

“I didn’t even realize right away that there was a second image, and just went, “Boobs suggesting that I smile and bribing me with…boobs? That’s fair.” and smiled.”


Congratulations, Miss! It looks like you’re having a boy…@LetMeBe_Frank:

“At first I thought it was a random patch of woven yarn for ventilation purposes.”


At least women now have a choice when it comes to their favorite crotch animal mascot. Which look do you prefer, camel toe or flamingo neck?@stopthelunacy:

“Brilliant…until you see your mom wearing them.”

Well, the good news is that if she ever finds herself in a public bathroom stall with an empty toilet paper roll, she has a good backup. Oh wait, I think that already happened…@SarcophAGus:

“First this had to be approved by the creative director; a prototype would be made to be worn by a model; they would have to order thousands of them; they’d have to make a deal with a store to carry it; finally a consumer would have to try it on, look at their ass in the mirror and still decide it’s a good idea to wear this dress in public. At any point in this process, did anyone decide to rethink the color, or even placement?”

I think it would be really hard for anyone to keep calm in those circumstances. But, I suppose that’s what all that ale is for!
Dang! That’s pretty hardcore. Looks like someone forgot to check the Urban Dictionary before that went to print.

Well, this dress certainly makes it easier to try “anale” on for size. It even comes with a visual instruction manual.@BiBoFieTo:

“If you dress up as a bee, you could make a really funny sex tape.”

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