75 people that went overboard with their fakeness

We live in a time when many people feel they aren’t good enough, and that is very sad.And with the advance of technology, all of these people have the chance to live out a fantasy. One that makes them look entirely different. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Until people become entirely narcissistic. Or turn themselves into something that doesn’t even resemble humans.

Here are 75 example of people who took making themselves look better into making themselves look foolish.

You’ve seen a wishbone before, right? I’m not sure why anyone would think that was a look to aspire to. But here you go.
You’re going to have to look elsewhere for reality. And why? She’s beautiful to begin with.
Apparently, we are supposed to believe she’s driving a Lamborghini. That is the emblem she has crookedly added to her steering wheel.
Everything in this picture is fake, so I’m wondering if the gym is as well. As far as I can tell, this is not a real human being, this is 3-D rendering. Nice try, though.
This is a German reality star. The first picture is what she looks like on her Insta Graham. The second pictures are what she looks like on live TV. Lies are hard to keep track of.

 6. From a galaxy far, far away.

Was the objective here to look only partially human? And the other part Klingon perhaps? And why does it look like she screwed her head on?
The first pic—top left—is the real her. The rest are her Instagram her. It appears that she is progressively demonizing herself.
This is the picture should post of herself on a dating app. Have you ever heard the song by Billy Idol called Eyes Without a Face?

9. Yes, she’s clearly butt ugly.

And that was sarcasm. She’s gorgeous, but she’s not happy with herself. Apparently she needs a ridiculously smaller waist and ridiculously bigger boobs.

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