20+ Examples Of Media Manipulating The Truth

20+ Examples Of Media Manipulating The Truth

The news media has always been the source of controversy and criticism, especially now during the times of so-called ‘fake news’. A number of studies suggest that more Americans actually have a negative view of the media rather than a positive one.

Some people blame the media for being biased, subjective and not trustworthy, and there are a couple of examples that could certainly back those claims up. Users on the internet have been posting pictures of how the media can manipulate the truth by leaving out specific information or parts of an image that immediately brings a whole new meaning to a photograph.

The following examples are manipulative and a perfect example of how perspective matters. Two different reports or shots from the same event can be captured in an entirely different way.

Forget about zooming in, cropping certain details out or getting another perspective of an event – this widely spread picture was simply staged. Photographer Ruben Salvadori was in Palestina to cover conflicts between Israeli troops and Palestinians. One of the young Palestinians in the area agreed to take a photo, but Salvadori’s work was definitely misinterpreted by some media channels.
When photos are taken with a professional camera and saved in a specific file format, it’s possible to greatly adjust certain values such as saturation and sharpness afterward. That has definitely been the case here with a photograph from Klavs Bo Christensen. The oversaturation leads to a much greater contrast and making the area look worse than it actually is.

Sometimes, manipulation can be quite funny. This news anchor for a tv station, for example, decided to go sock- and shoeless for his presentation duties during a live broadcast. Anchors who wear shorts underneath the table are apparently quite common, but this man takes it one step further.

This particular cover of The Economist has been the center of quite some controversy, to say the least. The magazine shows us a picture of President Obama with a rather dark and grim background, giving the impression that he’s extremely worried about the situation. In reality, however, he was simply talking with someone else while bowing his head down.

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