50 Photos that prove what you see on social media can’t always be believed

Social media is, by nature, a competition. Who looks the prettiest, who’s aged the slowest, who has the nicest vacations, who gyms the hardest, who spoils their kids the most on Christmas day… the list goes on.

Nearly all of us are guilty of manipulating reality somewhat when it comes to posting online. Perhaps we edit a photo to make it more flattering or pretend that something was a lot more enjoyable than it was. But our minor editing skills are nothing compared to the big social media influencers. Just wait until you see these photos


How to make your skin sparkle in a very unnatural way? Take some neon paint and splatter it all over your face. Then grab a backlight that’ll make the paint glow like it’s supposed to. Your selfie game will never be the same again. This guy shows us that something that looks relatively straightforward is actually a lot of work behind the scenes.

Okay, if we actually looked at this photo with our heads screwed on, we’d take a second to wonder how a swing had ended up in the middle of a road with no trees in the vicinity. But looking at the second photo, we’d take what we saw without questioning the reality. Crazy what a Photoshop expert can do.
The shot captured here looks quite magical, though it’s also a little confusing. We can’t work out whether the woman being photographed is going for a “fallen fairy” look or she just fancied a nap mid-shoot. The “reality” shot makes things even more amusing – she’s genuinely made a bed in a giant bush. We can’t knock the photographer, though – it’s a good photo.

There’s nothing more special than having a pregnancy photoshoot in a beautiful area of nature – perhaps in front of the sea or beyond a vast lake. But what do you do when the closest you’ve got to the real thing is a puddle? You use the puddle, of course. Kudos to this photographer for his creativity – you’d never guess they were in such an ugly location.

To be fair, if you were happy to believe that the woman in the first photo was genuinely hanging out on a rocket with windows, or perhaps a spaceship, you perhaps need to rethink your view of social media entirely. While it definitely looks realistic, it was more a question of what was used for the background – artwork, perhaps? Or Photoshop? Neither; just a big old TV screen.

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