it is really happening: Donald Trump is leaving DC on Wednesday

we has known now when and how-Donald Trump is leaving on Wednesday, DC will be left by the soon-to-be-former President. The Washington Post is told by a senior administration official, he is planning to depart on morning’s Wednesday before Joe Biden is sworn in. According to the official, some sort of military ceremony will mark his exit in typical Trump style. And Donald Trump will go home. One will unusual his last moment in office as with so many things related to trump. Typically, he will not attend the ceremony although Vice president Mike pence attend the inauguration of their successors. According to CNN’s Jim Acosta report that Joint Base Andrews will be taken place by the trump’s departure ceremony. Here’s you see in the video how to leave Barak and Michelle Obama four years ago after Trump’s Inauguration. but nowadays Donald Trump is not doing attend Joe Biden’s Inauguration

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