50 botched surgeries that went horribly wrong

The cosmetic surgery industry thrives on making money off of people who feel bad about themselves. But, hey, if they’re happy with the end result then more power to them and their self-esteem!

Unfortunately, not every procedure has a happy ending, like overdone fillers that make the lips look like they’re about to burst at the seams, or ab implants are that are so fake, doing real crunches would probably pop them out of place!

And let’s not forget about the Michael Jackson-like nose jobs where there’s a chunk of flesh missing, or where, in another case, the nostril was so tiny the patient could no longer breathe.

1. “Jawline for days”

CultureDon’t forget about the cheekbones! Because that’s the other obvious thing she’s had done to her face, right?


“Lmao like Angelina Jolie stuck her face in a industrial vacuum”

2. “Found this unfortunate on a brow shaming group on FB”

2. “Found this unfortunate on a brow shaming group on FB”

Poor, sweet girl. Brow shaming is a terrible thing for a person to endure. If only there was something else people could focus on…


“How do you eat with lips like that? How quickly does she go through Chapstick??”


“Asking the real questions.”

3. “The doctor responsible for another botched surgery in this sub.”

Well, no one can complain they didn’t know what was in store for them. He’s his own poster boy for all the jaw-dropping great work he’s done!


“Never sample your own product.”

4. “Her nose honestly scares me”

Well you know what they say, opposites attract! He’s got a snout that juts out all the way to the moon, and hers is well, slowly collapsing on itself and sinking down into the center of the earth.


“You make the nose too small and it starts to make you resemble a skull.”


“The dog looks very alarmed too.”

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