75 times cops showed everyone they have the best sense of humor

In this day and age, there’s a lot of tension between police officers and civilians. Many people feel like they can’t trust the police. In fact, there are a lot of problems in society that probably need to be fixed in order for people to trust law enforcement.

But the good news is that many police officers are making it their mission to better serve their communities. They want people to see them as public servants and helpers, not just authorities. Thankfully, with the rise of social media, that’s easier than ever before.

Around the world, police departments are now running dedicated social media campaigns. The point is to reach out to regular people and show them that police officers are just like them. Yes, they hand out speeding tickets — but they’re also there to make sure everyone in the community is safe.

And sometimes, that means their job gets, well…funny. Police officers have days where they chase naked people through the streets or have to apprehend wild animals. It’s a strange job and for that reason, you have to have a sense of humor to do it. Here are 75 cops who showed their funnier sides.

With a protest in the works, the riot police showed up to make sure everything stayed civil. They arrived to find the protest was canceled due to snow. But that didn’t stop them from having some fun.
During a labor dispute, the police officers in Montreal expressed their feelings by refusing to wear their uniform pants. Instead, they wore some more…colorful pants of their own choosing.
When this college student ran into a police officer on campus, he enlisted him for a prank on his parents. Together, they took a picture to show his mom and dad that he was having a great first day at school.

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