WAKE UP AMERICA! Bold Billionaire Offers $1 Million Bounty for Dominion’s, Eric Coomer’s Comeuppance

Alki David, Billionaire Businessman, Podcaster has put his money where his mouth is.

He is now offering $1 million dollars for positive proof that the Dominion Voting machines are set up to pick a winner.

Specifically, he wants proof that Eric Coomer was involved in the massive cheating scam but I think he will settle for proof that the machines were rigged.

Just think. You could be an American hero with a million dollars in your pocket at the same time, just present your proof and collect the big bucks.

Experts have found a huge mistake in Pennsylvania. There are 202,000 more votes than voters. That is about double the difference between Biden and Trump.

But will anything be done about it? Don’t hold your breath.

From The Gateway Pundit

Alki David is a billionaire mogul and podcaster. He is also, apparently, not an anti-American globalist. That makes at least one. We must celebrate him and get his message out, despite knowing little else about the man. Perhaps more will follow and he can give us all more details about his bounty. We would love to hear from him.

The Mogul retweeted a story from ShockYa.com (a site that is affiliated with his FilmOn.com media site).  Mr. David is upset about the state of America and The West due to governmental Covid overreach and election fraud.

He admonishes us all to “WAKE UP AMERICA!” To this end, he is offering a $1,000,000 bounty for any “irrefutable evidence that the Dominion Voting Systems and its employee Eric Coomer produced fraudulent votes during the 2020 election.”

A cool million dollars isn’t quite enough to get you a dumpy house in Silicon Valley’s Bay Area that a Tech Mogul might have.  However, it just might get you about 2000 Playstation 5s or a few hundred thousand rolls of toilet paper for the government’s coming Covid-pocalypse.

This is a man willing to put his wallet where his mouth is. Hopefully someone will be more loyal to money than they are to the Democratic party. Cash has always been a great motivator. Put this on your prayer list.

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