Georgia’s Corrupt Republican Leadership Gave Joe Biden Win By Less Than 12,000 Votes – Yet 460,000 Drop Box Ballots STILL MISSING Chain of Custody Documentation Required by Law

You have to wonder what Georgia Gov Brian Kemp and SOS Brad Raffensperger will do for a living after their terms are up. I mean it’s not like they will ever get reelected.

They could join the Democratic party and hope there is enough voter fraud to see them retain their power. Short of that their days as elected officials are near their end.

The steal of the Georgia election would not have been possible without them and voters have a long memory when you stab them in the back.

There is a huge chain of custody issue with votes allegedly coming from the drop boxes. There were 600,000 votes that allegedly from the drop boxes. They are required to file a chain of custody document for those votes. 460,000 do not have C of C documents.

In a state decided by less than 12,000 votes, that is huge. How do we know these votes did not come from a warehouse somewhere and not the drop boxes?

Of course, that would have been moot if the state had followed its own laws and checked all mail-in ballots for signatures. That would have shown whether the votes were legitimate or not.

Tiffany Morgan at the Tennessee Star reported yesterday:

With eleven days until Georgia’s U.S. runoff election, a large majority of the state’s counties have failed to produce chain of custody documents for some 460,000 absentee ballots deposited in drop boxes that were counted in the state’s November 3 general election as requested by The Georgia Star News.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger certified that Democrat Joe Biden edged out President Trump by a thin majority and as a result, Mr. Biden received all 16 votes cast by Democrat electors when the Electoral College convened in the 50 state capitals on Monday.

Morgan notes that of the 5 million votes cast in the 2020 Presidential election, 1.3 million were absentee ballots and of these around 600,000 were dropped in drop boxes.

In the two weeks since The Georgia Star News first reported no chain of custody ballot transfer forms have been produced for the more than 500,000 of the 600,000 drop box absentee ballots cast, the 159 counties in the state have made little progress producing the documents. Furthermore, the Secretary of State has shown no interest in providing any assistance to require the counties fulfill the open record requests.

In order to account for the secure whereabouts for absentee ballots left in drop boxes across the state, the Georgia Election Code Emergency Rule approved by State Election Board on July 1, 2020, required that every county is responsible for documenting the transfer of every batch of absentee ballots picked up at drop boxes and delivered to the county election offices with ballot transfer forms. The forms are required to be signed and dated, with time of pick up by the collection team upon pick up, and then signed, dated, with time of delivery by the registrar or designee upon receipt and accepted.

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