Washington Post Warns Joe Biden: ‘Pandemonium at the Border’

The Washington Post has published many stories about how bad President Trump’s border policy is but now that they think that Biden won the election what is the first bit of advice they have for Biden.

Don’t be so quick to roll back the Trump agenda on the border and for the very same reason they claimed to be opposed to it.

Typical Democrats.

The WaPo thinks that rolling back the Trump agenda too quickly will cause a humanitarian crisis on the border, but my guess is that they are less worried about a humanitarian crisis, and much more concerned about the 2022 midterm elections.

The majority of Americans are against mass illegal immigration. If the border is flooded for two years it could produce a red tsunami. That would hold true for both houses of congress.

The Democrats need to be in the lead in both houses in order to push through their radical agenda. Remember to them this is not about the American people and what is best for them, it’s about power and control.

Of course I am fully expecting the 2022 election will mirror the 2020 election. Ballots will be created and votes will be double counted and triple counted. Illegals will vote and many people will vote twice. There will be late night drops of Democratic votes because the Republicans are letting them get away with this election.

From Breitbart News

Biden “must also avoid triggering a new humanitarian crisis at the Mexican border featuring unauthorized Central Americans and Mexicans streaming north,” the Post’s editorial board said in a column on December 24.

Any sudden move to abolish [Trump’s] policy without an orderly system to replace it could be read as a green light that would invite more migrants than the U.S. bureaucracy can process. Nor is it reasonable to swiftly revoke the emergency public health order authorizing the summary expulsion of unauthorized migrants at the border, based on the pandemic’s threat.

However, the Post’s editorial board is not worried about fellow Americans’ wages and rents, communities, and schools.

The Post’s solution for Biden’s dilemma is the same that Biden has offered — to convert a disorderly rush of illegal migrants into an orderly, legal rush of legal immigrants.  The editorial board advised Americans on December 24 that “a patient, systematic overhaul of procedures is the best course for the post-pandemic future.”

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