The 10 Most Iconic Wedding Dresses in Fashion History

Her wedding day is one of the most exciting and unforgettable days in every woman’s life. There is nothing more beautiful than looking at the happy bride walking down the aisle in an incredible white dress. Finding the perfect dress is perhaps the most thrilling part of planning that special day — it should fit perfectly, manifest the bride’s good taste, and  express her individuality. And there are many young ladies out there who have been dreaming about the design and tiny details of their future bridal gown since childhood.

NewssGuide suggests you take a look at the ten most incredible and iconic wedding dresses in fashion history that still inspire future brides and famous designers.

Diana, Princess of Wales

The 10 Most Iconic Wedding Dresses in Fashion History

The fabulous wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana that took place on July 29, 1981, has been rightfully dubbed the ‘wedding of the century.’ For this special day, Lady Diana chose a dress designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel. Made from 131 feet of ivory silk and antique lace with a 25-foot train and embellished with thousands of tiny pearls, it has become one of the most wonderful wedding dresses of all time.

Kate Middleton

The 10 Most Iconic Wedding Dresses in Fashion History

Another splendid wedding ceremony in the British royal family has become one of the most remarkable events of the last few years. Kate stunned us all in her magnificent wedding dress designed by Alexander McQueen. Her phenomenal gown with a long and elegant train, beautiful veil with tiara, and exquisite lace instantly turned into an object of desire for thousands of brides worldwide.

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