I Worked in Retail for 6 Years, and Here’s How Fashion Stores Make Us Spend More Money

Sales associates are well-trained in using psychological techniques to boost their customers’ mood in different ways: by rightly chosen colors, music, scents, and a sense of luxury. Stores meticulously arrange their furniture and work with shapes, ask you to “just try” some items, and produce similar things to bigger brands. In fact, they do all of this to attract customers and make them stay inside longer!

My name is Sophia Jones and I worked as a sale associate at Tommy Hilfiger and Gap. Especially for NewssGuide, I will reveal the retail stores’ secrets to help you understand their tricks so you will be able to beat them at their own game.

1. A big red “SALE” sign creates a sense of urgency and attracts more customers.

I Worked in Retail for 6 Years, and Here’s How Fashion Stores Make Us Spend More Money

Ever wondered why all those sale signs that promise a good deal are red? Here, stores use basic psychology and use the color that we react to the most. In the human mind, red is associated with a cue for danger. This reaction creates a sense of urgency and causes customers to make a purchase.

2. They use “brand recognition” to inspire you to buy new items.

I Worked in Retail for 6 Years, and Here’s How Fashion Stores Make Us Spend More Money

Most of us can easily recognize items made by big expensive fashion brands. In fact, it’s called brand recognition — when people can identify a brand by its attributes like just by its logos, slogans, colors, etc. Many clothing brands use this feature of our mind and produce new items, that are way cheaper, but look almost identical to the original piece from a famous high-fashion brand. Customers are more likely to buy a cheaper similar-looking version because they recognize the style and it will make them feel like they “saved” money.

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