9 Inventions That Changed Fashion Once and for All

Fashion is inconsistent, yet there are a couple of things that never seem to leave the runways.

The team at NewssGuide decided to dig into the history of cult fashion items, which not only changed fashion but the planet as a whole.

9. Jeans

In the 17th century, the Italian city of Genoa exported a papyrus textile, which was soon called “gênes.” In 1873, entrepreneur Levi Strauss secured a patent to create the famous blue jeans. At the time, it was designed as men’s workwear: overalls with pockets for a knife and coins. Since then, jeans have become a favorite item of clothing worldwide. By the way, Strauss’s company is functioning to this day under the famous Levi’s brand.

8. Heels

It’s hard to imagine that heels were worn exclusively by men up until the 17th century. In Medieval Europe, wooden clogs were popular because such shoes could handle dirt. In the 16th century, heeled boots were comfortable to wear for horse riders as they didn’t slide through the stirrups. Stiletto heels appeared only in the 20th century, and they are now a wardrobe necessity of every woman.

7. Bikini

Michele Bernardini wearing a bikini, 1946

Paris, 1946. A model walked the fashion runway in a two-piece swimsuit created by designer Louis Réard, causing a wide controversy with her provocative bikini debut. At the time, such revealing attire was seen as highly promiscuous. The swimwear got its name from an atoll called Bikini, where atomic bomb tests were held. Only a few years later did the swimsuit stop shocking the public, as soon as Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe added it to their wardrobes.

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