20+ Crazy Outfits That Fashion Designers Suggest We Wear This Fall

The term haute couture originally referred to making high-fashion custom-fitted dresses for private clients. Though, now it is used in a much broader sense, embracing the whole set of designers activities aimed at creating the most unusual and even shocking looks.

For the fall 2018 runways, designers presented a whole set of crazy — or should we say trendy? — looks to the public.

We at NewssGuide have prepared for you this compilation of the most outstanding models. Would you dare to wear one of these?

Sleeves are outdated.

A radical approach toward the problem of freezing hands.

Oh, wait…They’re back!

Just find some useless lampshades – and you’re amazing!

“Big Brother is watching you.”

For those who think eyes are their main strength.

When you just can’t choose:

Wearing one coat at a time is a relic of history.

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