Why Women Are Sick of Fashion and Are Not Ready to Make Any More Beauty Sacrifices

Imagine that one morning every woman in the world wakes up in a good mood, comes to the mirror, and likes what they see there. Do you know what happens next? A global economic crisis. Thousands of companies that build their business on women’s insecurities go bankrupt. Because beauty is a product that can be bought and sold.

We at NewssGuide suggest that you try and imagine where the never-ending pursuit for attractiveness will lead us all.

Today, very few women are ready to go outside without drawing on their eyebrows and wasting a crazy amount of time to make the lines as perfect as possible. It’s hard to believe today, but in the past, women used to pluck their eyebrows. Today, only the Mona Lisa portrait can remind us about the times when thin eyebrows were trendy!

Why Women Are Sick of Fashion and Are Not Ready to Make Any More Beauty Sacrifices

It’s amazing how long fashion houses have managed to lure women into the fashion trap. “Ladies and gentlemen, this century, we think that beautiful women are those who are on the verge of anorexia and who have such pale skin you can study their body’s anatomy.” “We are kind of tired of skinny girls, it’s a Renaissance time, let’s pay attention to the plump girls.” And this happens every century.

Women have always followed the ever-changing hyperbolized ideals, sacrificing their health. For example, in China, small feet were considered to be ideal, so women tied their toes to their feet to the point that they couldn’t move by themselves. It was a sign of being aristocratic and increased their chances of getting married. But the truth was often hidden from men’s eyes: they didn’t see the terrible crippling pain in the women’s feet, they only saw small feet in beautiful shoes.

Why Women Are Sick of Fashion and Are Not Ready to Make Any More Beauty Sacrifices

Few things have changed today. Super-skinny models look attractive because of makeup and photoshop and what never appears on magazine covers are the never-ending diets, skin dryness, pale faces, and hair loss. So, women with normal appearances make sacrifices to conform to the standards: they put on high-heeled shoes, they adhere to strict diets, they wear tight dresses, and they hide their discomfort behind elegance.

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