10 fashion lessons from Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is one of the most powerful world-known designers. He created a style that we are using today without even realizing that fashion used to be very different. Armani revolutionized the fashion industry and proved that luxurious does not necessarily mean uncomfortable or tight. His style is synonymous with business chic and refined elegance.

NewssGuide is confident that Armani’s advice will be of use to any woman.

  1. ‘Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.’

Giorgio Armani became famous due to his success in the Hollywood. The fashion world began to talk about him after the release of the ‘American Gigolo’ in 1980, where Richard Gere was dressed in Armani from head to toe. All men in the world immediately wanted to look like the actor. They instantly began wearing jackets, trousers, shirts and ties from Armani.

10 fashion lessons from Giorgio Armani
  1. The difference between style and fashion is quality.’

Armani’s specialty is a perfect cut, soft fabrics and minimalism. Giorgio himself says that ‘simplicity is the key note of true elegance.’ All clothes from the designer are renown for their elegance and harmonious unity with its owner.

  1. Cheap pair of shoes is bad economy. Shoes are the basis of your wardrobe.’
  2. Looking sexy is a matter of confidence. It is a state of mind as much as it is a state of body.’

Armani noted that he would like to have been tall and to have had a more notable nose. However, he had to work with what he got, and use to its maximum potential. Things that cannot be changed, are not worth wasting time on.

10 fashion lessons from Giorgio Armani
  1. I am glad that in our days the desire to look elegant is again fashionable. Elegance is a key to a timeless style, to something that will never go out of fashion, to something with which you will never go out of fashion. To me style is more important than short-lived fashion trends.’

Armani drastically changed the laws of fashion by creating new standards in the fashion industry. He got rid of extra accessories and introduced sport elements into business and evening wear. He created a special liberated style, that defines modern male and female wardrobes all over the world. He made trousers and jackets freer and looser, which allowed people to move easily while maintaining the business chic look.

  1. ‘Don’t try too hard while choosing clothes. The most fashionable people look like they didn’t put any effort in the way they look.’

In the very beginning of his path Armani rejected all bows and ruffles and claimed absolute minimalism to be the main principle of his art. Armani’s own distictive trait became a look of effortless negligence. He softened the outlines and fabrics, which made his clothes much more pleasant and comfortable.

  1. ‘Black and dark blue slim better than other colors. By using this color palette you can afford to experiment with shapes and textures.’
10 fashion lessons from Giorgio Armani
  1. ‘A perfume is more than an extract it is a presence in abstraction. A perfume, for me, is a mystique.’
  1. ‘Choose neutral fabrics with no bright ornaments. They will serve you longer from a fashion perspective.’

People that work with Armani claim that his hands are full of magic. The Designer doesn’t deny the fact that when he touches the fabrics some sort of special energy is generated. This helps him pick the best fabrics. Then, like a fanatic of his craft he models the fabrics around the models’ bodies. He calls that process one of the most sensual things in the world.

  1. My philosophy has always been to help women and men feel comfortable and confident through the clothes they wear. I believe that style is the only real luxury, that is really desirable.’

Giorgio Armani changed our understanding of clothes forever. Only a genius can do that in the fashion industry.

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