Even though all movies are scripted, actors use all the tricks in the book to sell us on their on-screen love stories. What is the best way to make a scene as genuine as possible? Improvise, of course! It can be intimidating to take your co-star by surprise and lay an unexpected kiss on them, but in almost all cases, the reward justifies the risk.

We at newssguide respect the actors who do whatever it takes to entertain us, and this time, we’re turning to scenes in movies and TV shows that were elevated by unplanned smooches.

1. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World

10 Kisses in Movies That Weren’t Planned, Yet They Stole Everyone’s Heart
© Jurassic World / Universal Pictures

There’s a scene where Howard’s character finds inner courage and saves Pratt’s character. Then, as a gesture of admiration and gratitude, he gives her a beautiful and cinematic kiss. In reality, it was all Chris Pratt thinking on his feet: “[The kiss] was spontaneous. It wasn’t written in there…We had shot the scene in the way that it was written—there was no kiss. And then, on the last day, that happened—what you see in the movie… Everyone was cheering. It was great!”

2. Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams in American Hustle

10 Kisses in Movies That Weren’t Planned, Yet They Stole Everyone’s Heart

Amy Adams revealed that she and Jennifer Lawrence decided to aggressively kiss in the middle of their characters’ fight, even though there was nothing remotely similar in the script: “We were talking about the scene and I was like ’How about if she kisses her?’ And [the director] understood… Jennifer was totally game. It ended up being like the perfect exclamation point on a toxic conversation.”

3. Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

10 Kisses in Movies That Weren’t Planned, Yet They Stole Everyone’s Heart

The most touching moment of the entire movie was seeing Luke and Leia reunite after years of being apart. Mark Hamill disappeared in that scene and gave the late Carrie Fisher an unplanned but tender kiss on the forehead, which became an ultimate farewell between the characters and actors: “I didn’t decide it and say, ’Can I do this?’ I mean, in the take — I don’t know if we rehearsed it or not, but it just happened. I was standing up and they weren’t ready for it. And we did it for a second take, and like I said, it was just spontaneous.”


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